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7 Life-Changing Ways to Stay Motivated Like a Boss

I LOVE Mondays. Seriously, they are my favorite day of the week. People tend to look at me funny when I say that. Then, they usually ask how I stay so motivated.

Today, I’m sharing my top tips to staying motivated like a boss, even (especially) on Mondays.


1.Create action-oriented goals.

Set your sights on the future with goals that push you forward. These can be as realistic or as out-there as you want, as long as there is a clear action you can take to achieve them! Goals that require movement in the mind, body, and spirit inspire you to take consistent steps toward their realization.

2.Have a kick-butt morning routine.

Get into the habit of waking up early (I get up at 5am) and going through a morning routine that spurs you into action. For me, this looks like a morning run through my neighborhood, creating my to-do-list, and drinking hot tea. Anything that gets your body moving, sets your spirit at ease, and fuels your body for the day will get you on track!

3.Protect your time.

Visualize your dream day; the one where you wake up and everything goes right. The kind where you go to sleep at night feeling fulfilled. What happens in your dream day? What time boundaries do you need to set so that your dream day can happen?  Journal it out, if you want. It helps!

4.Subscribe to motivational podcasts.

When you get into slow-down mode in the middle of the day (mine usually starts at about 2pm), switch on a podcast that kicks your butt back into work-mode! My favorite is The Chalene Show. It always gets me back into gear!

5.Use productivity software.

I’m crazy about tech that helps me keep track of my progress toward my goals! My team and I use Wunderlist to organize our to-do lists, and checking off task list items has never been more satisfying, I swear. Browse my affiliates to find what you need! 

6.Take time off.

It is SO important to take vacations away from work. Rest time allows you to refocus your mind, slip back into your best self, and return to work with a fresh mind, ready to take on the world! Trust me, your brand will thank you.

7.Do what you love.

If you are working at a job you hate, staying motivated is HARD. This step requires some introspection. Dive deep into who you are, what you’re amazing at, and what you couldn’t stop doing, even if you tried. Then, partner with trusted mentors to incorporate your passion into your work. You’ve got this!

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