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Apps for Small Business Owners

Owning a small business can get tricky and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s small but it comes with major responsibilities that you always have to be on top of if you want to run it smoothly.

These are applications that you can use to make do your daily and bigger responsibilities easier and manageable.


Dropbox — Probably one of the most popular and reliable app to use for sharing files. A lot of people use this, from students, to business owners, to freelancers. And it offers different plans to fit each user’s needs.

Slack — This is an app you can use to communicate with your team (best works for people who have employees from different sides of the world.) It can also be linked to other apps so you tracking things will be so much easier. And one of my favorite feature is that when someone mentions your username in a group or conversation, Slack will email you the message to alert you so you’ll always be updated!

Evernote — Do you love to take notes? Because I do. Evernote makes jotting down notes and creating to-do lists (that you can actually check off, yay!) easier so you don’t have to look scramble for the important notes you’ve taken down when you need them. Just open the app and you’ll find all of them there.

Paypal — If you work with people who live far from you or in another country, paying and receiving payments will be easier with the use of PayPal. They pretty much have a good verification process that could be a hassle for some people but if you think about it, it makes transacting online safer.

MailChimp — Sending mass emails and newsletters has never been easy with MailChimp. It offers drag and drop function for you to make the layout for your emails and it also helps you track the clicks on the emails you’ve sent out.

Skype — Many chat applications have been introduced to the world but I must say that Skype will still be part of the top ones. Aside from it’s chat features, it gives you the ability to call Skype users (for free) and even mobile numbers locally and internationally (with the use of Skype credit) and to video call as well.

If you’re not using these applications yet, then I think it’s for you to try them and see how much it will change and help you with your responsibilities. This way, you’ll be able to focus on other important stuff to get your business to the top!

Know of other amazing applications? Let us know in the comments below!

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