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Be Local

Shopping local retains our communities and the people in our communities. Shopping local saves the environment. Local shops are for everyone. There is something you can find in local shops. Local shops value you. You are not a number. You are a customer and a person to local businesses. Shopping local saves services. We must be shopping local and giving our business to local business owners.

Let me give you some more reasons. It builds a sense of community. It strengthens the local economy around you. It shapes character in a community. I love when I can go in to little local communities here in Phoenix and see all the local businesses on one corner. It brings joy to my heart that all these local business owners are trying to make something for their life and for their community. It creates a healthy environment. It lowers taxes, there are choices of local businesses you can go to! It creates jobs and opportunities! It’s giving back to the community. It increases wealth in the community. I always say that I have employees working in my business, I pay them the local money that’s brought to us and they go back out into the local community and spend the money. So it circles around! It maintains uniqueness within a community. Customer service I truly believe tends to be better. It becomes a relationship builder. And that’s why I love local businesses. I love going into places where they know me and I’m not just a number, they want my business, they respect my business, and they honor my time. And I think that is very valuable when working with small businesses.

We as people in our local communities need to educate others in our community about shopping local and what it truly means. And understand and do the research and look out looking for these kind of businesses that you can go and support.

Local business is my passion therefore I have a be local bootcamp. It educates people on shopping local and being a business owner of a small local business in a community. And what it looks like and how you can learn and expand on your community and how to grow your business to a very successful business of what is ideal for you.

I hope you come along on the be local movement and you follow me on my journey of educating people on how and why we should be shopping local what effects it has on people and small businesses and communities. It’s super important that we’re shopping local and we’re being local.

I want to challenge you to research one local restaurant, coffee shop, or something to that extent where you can go this upcoming weekend and support and see what be local experience is all about.

I challenge you to do that. Have fun with it! And I would love for you to report back to me on where you went in your local community.

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