How & Why You Should Start a Vlog

liz illg vlog

No matter how busy you are! Social media has changed the face of business and entrepreneurship. As technology has progressed, as we are more connected globally than ever, the way business is done has also shifted.  NOW instead of big brands and 100-year-old corporations, many consumers are interested in buying from and supporting smaller or […]

Must-Have Favorites That Totally Spark Joy!

liz illg favorites

My favorite things! Wow, Spring is nearly over, and summer is RIGHT around the corner! This year is flying.  With the year almost halfway through, it got me thinking about my favorite things. Whether they be work-related, hobby-related, or simply for RELAXING, this list is a list of the top things I simply cannot live […]

How to Write Systems that SAVE YOU TIME!

As entrepreneurs, we know how tricky it is to manage time.  And sometimes, we ask – can we possibly have more time to finish everything? No one says it’s easy.  But, it’s definitely possible, especially if you have an effective business system. A system can help your business run smoothly and maximize results, with minimum […]

How to Reimagine Your Vision for Your Business

As entrepreneurs or business owners, it’s frustrating when you lose sight of your ultimate goal.  What was the purpose of your business?  Why did you start it?  What was your dream? In these challenging times, especially with COVID-19, these questions are even more important. Sometimes, losing sight of your vision is an inevitable part of […]

How to Build a Strong Sales Funnel

The business environment has shifted.  People are now meeting their favorite businesses ONLINE. If you haven’t asked yourself this before, start asking yourself this question TODAY. What do clients see when they visit my website? The truth is, the first time people visit your website, they are unlikely to do business with you. Most website […]

How to Create an Online Course

In the last few weeks, we have seen a major shift in the way the world’s consumer market is working and learning.  Where we used to congregate in office buildings and retreat centers, we are now gathering on Facebook and Zoom and going online to learn new skills. It doesn’t seem like this trend is […]

Celebrate You This Spring! A Business Journey in Reverse

Take just a moment to set everything aside that is keeping you busy in your regular life.  From a place of quiet and calm, reflect on how you got to the place where you are standing today. What do you see, looking back? Were you always a hard working entrepreneur with an abundance mindset, a […]

Five Important Communities That Every Small Business Owner Needs to Have

When you’re the boss, it’s easy to feel like an island.  [bctt tweet=”We are surrounded and shaped by our communities, whether we know it or not.”]We get so zoomed in on our goals, that it’s easy to overlook the people who are there to support us! The truth is, you’re not alone. We are surrounded and […]