How To Attract Your Ideal Client Through Your Website Copy

The right website copy will attract your ideal client. It’s that simple.  Or, is it? Most people use the internet to find their ideal service or product, so how do you stand out from the crowd and connect with the right person? How do you convince them to keep reading about you and what you […]

Why Personal Brands Fail and How to Make Yours a Success

When you think of branding, you typically think of large, iconic businesses, like Coca-Cola, Nike, and Facebook, for example. But what about personal brands? Entrepreneurs come up with new business ideas every single day, and with these new business ideas come new personal brands. If done well, personal branding will elevate your success exponentially. Your […]

How Do I Find My Ideal Client? Build Your Brand With Confidence!

Ideal Client

In business, it is always easier to attract an ideal client or avatar than to pursue one. This is because it is easier to sell to someone who already believes, trusts, and knows your brand, rather than someone entirely new to it. But how do you find that ideal client in the first place? You […]

How to Build a Strong Sales Funnel

The business environment has shifted.  People are now meeting their favorite businesses ONLINE. If you haven’t asked yourself this before, start asking yourself this question TODAY. What do clients see when they visit my website? The truth is, the first time people visit your website, they are unlikely to do business with you. Most website […]

How to Create an Online Course

In the last few weeks, we have seen a major shift in the way the world’s consumer market is working and learning.  Where we used to congregate in office buildings and retreat centers, we are now gathering on Facebook and Zoom and going online to learn new skills. It doesn’t seem like this trend is […]

Five Important Communities That Every Small Business Owner Needs to Have

When you’re the boss, it’s easy to feel like an island.  [bctt tweet=”We are surrounded and shaped by our communities, whether we know it or not.”]We get so zoomed in on our goals, that it’s easy to overlook the people who are there to support us! The truth is, you’re not alone. We are surrounded and […]

10 Steps to Develop a Brand Identity that Aligns with Your Values

Brand identity is a complex subject. It all seems to center around the customer, and for good reason. Most of your attention should be spent telling a story that draws your customer into what your brand is all about. As business owners, it isn’t just “good” to think about your clients’ problems, it is a […]

How to Build the Voice of Your Brand and Keep It Strong

You’ve built the business of your dreams…whether you’re selling a product, service, or both! It’s an exciting time to own a business and a wonderful feeling to create a brand that’s all your own. But there are so many other factors to consider…Does your brand have a voice? How are you working to ensure that […]

How to Create an Engaging Environment for Customers

Whether you have a brick and mortar business, you sell services online or you do a bit of both, it’s crucial to create an engaging environment for your customers and clients. No matter what you’re selling, remember this: you are ultimately providing your customer with an experience. And a key part of that experience is […]

Email – Powerful Business Tool

Let’s talk about the world of email. Email is a powerful tool that we have, email is a way for us to connect with our customers right away. The two factors that I am going to cover: Getting client email addresses because it’s so powerful Make sure your email address has your business name in […]