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Clearing Your Brain and Mind

Today I want to cover something that has been on my heart lately, and that is about clearing your mind and brain. I think we have so much compacted in our lives that we can’t even figure out where to go next or have an opportunity to know where to go next. So I’m going to challenge you today to really clear your mind and brain.

What does that mean to you? You’re probably asking yourself.

A lot of it is taking time to relax, unwind, and to do a brain or mind dump. Spend some time alone, grab a pen and paper and just start writing things down. These things don’t necessarily need to be to- do lists or planning a vacation. This can be where you want to go in life, whatever is on your mind, write it down. When you write things down you get a clear picture of where you’re going. There’s just something about writing it down on paper that will make you remember it in your mind for the next time.

So that’s where I want to start today. There’s just so many things going on in our lives that we just need to clear our mind and brain. Think of it as a detox. A detox of getting away from the crazy world and looking in at who we are, where we wanna go, and what we wanna be. Because you’re your own narrative of your successes. That’s pretty exciting, isn’t it?

We have opportunities every single day, what are you going to do with those opportunities? That’s the most important factor. Sometimes opportunities come but we have so much going on in our lives that we can’t even take them because we’re so in over our heads. And that is why I strongly believe that clearing your minds and brains will give you clear direction on what you need to focus on, where you need to be at, where you want to go. Opportunities come everyday, every hour, it’s all about how we want to handle those opportunities. I’m asking you today to really look at your life, spend time on yourself, and clear your mind and brain. When you start getting organized, you can take different opportunities.

Let me give you an example of this brain dump.

When I want to clear my mind and brain, it’s always on a vacation. I’d getaway from my surroundings for a few days and I visualize myself coming back to my home, to my place where I live, and my career. Then I look at how can I be better or what do I want when I get back, like a clean slate or a NY’s resolution. And for some reason, I always feel good when I come back from my vacation and I get a clear start on what I want to do.

Clearing your brain and mind

I was recently travelling and there were just some things that were really evident that I need to start focusing on. One of those is delegating a few more things on my plate so I’m not consumed by it. During my vacation I was quite interrupted by things that needed to get done and I thought — somebody else can do this just as good as I can — but I have to get to that focus to know that because I’m going to entrust this person and teach this person exactly how I want it done and it can be done. I wrote down all these different things that I do that I could be delegating so I can work and focus on building my businesses and not doing the little tasks associated with my businesses.

I also realized that I needed to workout more. I’m very active, I’m always up and going but I realized during my vacation that I want to come back and create a routine and schedule to keep myself accountable. I don’t know if it’s because I was on vacation, I’m eating, I’m drinking, and having a really nice time (which probably has a little bit to do with it) but at the same time, it’s all about creating a routine, making myself accountable, and using my time wisely.

A lot of this is just clearing your brain and mind and creating a list that you could delegate to somebody else. Maybe it’s cleaning your house on Saturdays, when you get so overwhelmed in

somebody else. Maybe it’s cleaning your house on Saturdays, when you get so overwhelmed in cleaning your house that you start to dread the weekend because you have to clean. Maybe it’s one simple thing to tweak your life for the better, to focus on yourself, to focus on your family, friends, or wherever you want to focus on.

It all starts with clearing your mind and brain. because we think of a lot of things throughout the day but if you start writing them down and focusing, you’ll have a clear direction on where you wanna go by doing some mind/brain dump. I really believe in doing this, I love them. I do them during meetings sometimes, when my head just starts thinking, “oh no I forgot to do that last week!” and so I jot it down. I start thinking about things that I need to be doing or about that marketing implementation.

I definitely believe that doing some brain dump is very important. It could be in your next vacation, you can plan to jot down some notes and focus on you. Or maybe this evening when you go home and spend some time by yourself and do a little brain dump. You could even be in your car, speak into your phone and do a little brain dump on your way home from your commute. Whatever that looks like to you, you should do it because I truly believe (yes, I will say it over and over) that you have to write it down to truly understand what is needed and you can see the change. I’m also firm believer in crossing things out! I love that fact of having a long to-do list or a task list or even a grocery list and just crossing things off, it’s taken care of — out of sight out of mind — and that’s one really good reason to do a brain dump.

I’m excited for you because I understand the importance of this and that’s why I wanna share what I know with you. It’s exciting, it’s powerful. This will empower you to bring opportunity into your life and that has a ton of value.

As I mentioned earlier, we are our own narrative of our successes, when I say that, I mean that 100%. Many people know that from where I was and where I am now. I didn’t have help but I had an opportunity and I looked at the opportunity, I valued it, and I ran with it. It’s super exciting to me to have opportunity and to write our own story and our own book of our life based on how we as people want it to look like. So have this brain dump. Clear your mind, clear your brain. Enjoy it!

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