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Creating a Meaningful Vision for Your Business

Every great business starts with a vision for a better product, service, or idea. It is this vision that will guide your every decision when it comes to building, marketing, and sharing your business with others. As the owner of four pet grooming locations, my vision was simple but important: to serve the community of animal lovers. With the creation of my business came an even greater vision: to not only serve the community, but to create a community of pet lovers based on educating folks about the pet industry.

If you don’t have a proper vision for your business, it will be hard to grow and expand. Think of your vision as your guiding light– when you have big decisions to make, you’ll always come back to whether or not that choice will align with your overall vision. That’s not to say your vision won’t change or adapt with time; but you have to stay true to who you are as a business owner. My vision has allowed me to create a lovely community of animal lovers and activists who care so much about their pets. I’ve met so many incredible people and animals alike…all because I had a vision.

For those just starting out, a vision is extremely important if you’re looking for investors, etc. People will want to know what the future looks like for your business– what is your ultimate dream? When you close your eyes and think of your retail shop, what do you see? Who are your customers? What kind of product or service are you selling? These are all questions that will factor into creating your ultimate vision.

For some, creating a tangible vision board or journal can be helpful! From photos and newspaper clippings to notes and doodles, having a visual can really get those gears cranking in your mind’s eye! Reach out to other business owners, bounce ideas off of others, and put yourself in situations where you’ll be able to further chisel away at your own vision until it’s completely your own.

I hope that 2019 is the year that your vision comes into fruition! Best of luck to all my fellow business owners– you’ve got this!


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