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Email – Powerful Business Tool

Let’s talk about the world of email. Email is a powerful tool that we have, email is a way for us to connect with our customers right away.

The two factors that I am going to cover:

  • Getting client email addresses because it’s so powerful
  • Make sure your email address has your business name in it


Email is building your list, having clients emails is a wonderful thing to have. Emails will enrich your business so much, in ways you can’t even imagine. It’s crazy to think that we can press the send button and all of our clients can be reached, by one click. Having your clients email address is priceless. Gather your client emails as soon as possible, this needs to be the first information you get form them. You will thank me later once you get their email address and you start using it. You will see the power of email very quickly once you start reaching out to your clients.

Now, I want to talk about your email. What is your email address for your business? Is it a generic one one or does it have your business name on it? There’s a huge difference in those two. I truly believe every successful business owner needs a domain name attached to their business email.  This shows credibility. It shows you know what you’re doing. It’s VERY affordable to get this completed. I want to say, less then $50 a year. This will look so nice on your business card and your signature. Trust me.

Email - Powerful Business Tool

I feel so strongly about this because I deal with people that have a generic email addresses and it just shows that they are not so in tune to their business. They haven’t put the basic principles into place. And this is a huge factor in putting all the pieces together for your business. Please, after you read this if you do not have your email address set up for your business, please look into it. You will be so happy that you did.

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