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How Do I Find My Ideal Client? Build Your Brand With Confidence!

In business, it is always easier to attract an ideal client or avatar than to pursue one. This is because it is easier to sell to someone who already believes, trusts, and knows your brand, rather than someone entirely new to it. But how do you find that ideal client in the first place? You need to build your brand entirely to that ideal avatar.

Sounds hard, right? Well, right and wrong. By building your brand to your ideal client, you are in fact creating your niche. That small, direct area in your business world that you want to attract, advertise, and sell to. This is where you will target your market – all branding, your website, and social media, and other concepts like blogs and newsletters, for example, will all be directed to your ideal avatar. And for this reason, the creation of an ideal client profile is a must for reaching and retaining all the right people.

How Do I Define My Ideal Client?

Your ideal client is a fictional avatar of all the qualities you would want a customer to be. They listen to your messaging, believe in your branding, value your business and invest in you, your products, and your future. This ideal client should be as niched down as possible while still remaining realistic – you want this person to be out there and ready to connect with you as soon as possible!

What Attributes Should They Have?

The attributes you want your ideal avatar to have entirely depend on you and your business needs! There are certain factors that can come into play when creating your ideal client, like:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Marital Status
  • Wants and Needs
  • Job title
  • Industry
  • Hobbies
  • Life Goals
  • Struggles
  • Failures
  • And so many more!

When it comes to creating your ideal avatar, the more specific, the better! This is because when you create that ideal, specified person in your head, your brand will speak to that person directly. So when they stumble on your website, social media, or other online sources, they will resonate directly with your brand.

Your Ideal Client will Lead Into Your Niche

This is a really effective method to define your niche. Many brands and businesses start off by trying to focus on a broad market and struggle to find the right clients or connect with their audience. By doing this, you are narrowing down who you are talking to, and thereby finding your niche at the same time.

Your ideal client is a crucial part of your branding. In fact, we’d argue that it should be at the center of everything to do with your brand. From your brand colors to your website, to your tagline, and more, your ideal client is the one you are directing the message to every time. Take your time when discovering who they are and really niche down when it comes to who you want to market to because it is this that will get you a loyal audience that continually purchases from your business!

If you need help to niche down and figure out where your messaging wants to go, go ahead and book a call with the LI Group. We’d love to help you get started!

Author: Meg is a copywriter from England but currently lives in Sydney, Australia. She has been with LI Group for 1 year and loves to write for a variety of different accounts! In her spare time, she likes going for coastal walks where she contemplates life.

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