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I am all about reading good books. So if you know anything about me, I love to read. It gives me an opportunity to get away from the world, the craziness, and the to-do list. So I believe reading is so beneficial to me and my livelihood because reading takes me out of my current element and lets me focus in in the story.

So I recently read #girlboss which is an amazing book for any girlbosses out there or individuals who just want to be a girlboss. The author is amazing and how she started, she didn’t even envision her business, she just started doing something that she liked and from there it became a very very successful business.

Sometimes, it just happens. It just happens because you’re in the right place at the right time. In my life I have to believe a lot has to do with timing. My takeaways from reading this book are that you can do anything that you put your mind to. I believe that people can start small and grow into something so large and so successful. The one thing that I have experienced in my business career is that I started small on all my adventures and it grew into something more because my passion has driven it and I believe that is why there is a book #girlboss, because you can start something so small and have it turn into an amazing opportunity for you and for your passion which leads me to say that you need to follow your passion in life. Your passion makes you excited, your passion drives you, and your passion shines through you. And I believe that is very important when you are growing a business, that your passion is there and that it will shine through and you’ll be very successful.

Each business has building blocks and I think that is very important to understand and know because you can start with just yourself, you can get one other person to help you along the way and then another, and then another, and then it just becomes more and more because you have the opportunities in front of you. Start small and grow into something very large.

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I love the layers of #girlboss and the reason being is that she talks about her past and past jobs she’s had and she’s super hilarious because I think we all can relate in some kind of fashion. She really describes how you can be a #girlboss. She also really stresses that more money in the bank, the better and not what you wear and of course she’s in the fashion industry but at the same time it’s more important to have more in the bank than what you have in actual material items. I think in our culture now we get so wrapped up in our everyday world that we love material things but I believe that money begins to allow you to have more freedom so that’s another reason why I always say to always start small.

She talks about staying employed, firing, and just the aspect of how to treat people and I believe this is important when we really are looking about how we handle employees or how we handle the people around us. We need to be good and lead the way as girlbosses to treat people good and how that leads to a lot of success in your career by just how you treat people.

I highly recommend this book. You guys check it out because I know you will be inspired by this book and you’ll be ready to get started on your business.

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