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How to Build the Voice of Your Brand and Keep It Strong

You’ve built the business of your dreams…whether you’re selling a product, service, or both! It’s an exciting time to own a business and a wonderful feeling to create a brand that’s all your own. But there are so many other factors to consider…Does your brand have a voice? How are you working to ensure that voice is consistent, clear, and strong? Does your customer base understand the message you’re trying to convey? All of these are super important questions to consider when creating a brand and the messaging that goes along with it!


The key when building a brand is to make sure your voice is consistent across all platforms– from your social media posts and blogs to your web content, emails, product packaging, and more. Do you want a silly voice? A serious one? A bit of both? It’s important to think of your audience when building the voice of your brand. Who are you targeting? Millennials? Baby boomers? Men? Women? 


Pro tip: If you’re still struggling to define your brand voice and messaging, do some simple brainstorming activities to get the juices flowing! Think of your brand as a person and write down three personality traits you’d like your brand to have. Is your brand quirky? Is it impactful? Dramatic? Elegant? Retro? Having these traits in your head will make it that much easier to convey the voice and overall message to your audience.


Once you have a clear voice, you’ll want to be consistent with it. Always ask yourself: Do your customers understand the value your brand provides? If not, maybe it’s time to change your story. As a small business owner, I know how much time is spent telling the story of your brand and trying to maintain that consistent voice– it’s easy for customers to end up confused.


Here’s the secret: Everyone is the hero of their own story. Your customers aren’t looking for another hero to envy… they are looking for a guide to help them win the day! 


Still stuck finding your voice and weaving it into your brand’s overall story? No worries! I can help! Together, we’ll determine the unique value your brand has to offer clients and then you’ll receive a document outlining what your brand’s story will look like.


Next, I’ll create custom marketing materials that clearly convey your brand’s voice and story, including:


  • An outline of your brand’s story
  • A digital download for your website
  • 6-8 automated drip emails with a clear VOICE!
  • A referral system
  • Social media guidelines
  • Recommended web content and layout


I can’t wait to help you create your brand’s unique voice and tell your story. Let’s chat today!

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