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How to Choose the Best Social Media Platforms for Your Business 

From Facebook and Instagram to Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and more, there are SO many social media platforms to choose from these days! But just because a platform exists, doesn’t mean it’s right for YOUR business. Creating an account for each platform can quickly become overwhelming– you’ll spread your online presence too thin and it could end up having an overall negative effect! The last thing you want to do is invest money in social media marketing that isn’t bringing anyone new through the door. To avoid that, we’ll dive into the key points to keep in mind when choosing the best social media platforms for your business.


Who is your audience?

First things first…who are you trying to reach on social media? If you don’t know your target audience, it’ll be near impossible to choose the best platform to reach them! Keep in mind that the average Facebook user is 40-years-old, while the average Instagram user is between the ages of 25 and 34. Twitter also skews to a younger audience, while Pinterest sees many users 40 and older. Of course, numbers can change depending on your specific business but this can serve as a good starting point.


What content can you provide?

The point of social media is to engage with your audience– to teach them something new about your industry, your business, and your products/services. So, what social media platform can help you to best do that? Obviously, if you’re a photographer there’s no question you’ll want to have an Instagram account to promote your skills. But will Twitter really be worth the time and effort? Maybe, maybe not. Many businesses jump into these platforms with no real plan for content. If you’re going to create an account – no matter what the platform is – create a content calendar surrounding that specific platform. Decide what you’re going to post, what that post will link to (if anything), and any associated hashtags or promotions that may correlate.


Don’t worry about the size!

When choosing which social media platforms best fit your brand, worry less about size and focus more on the audience and the content you’re creating. If your target audience is active on the platform, work on reaching them. Of course, larger sites like Facebook can really appeal to most businesses because they can appeal to folks with a wide range of interests and topics.


Once you choose the best social media platform(s) for your brand, don’t forget to engage and promote!! You may also want to consider investing in a social media manager who can help you create content to post online. Always link to your platforms as well– if you have a website, be sure to direct folks to your Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc. If you have a storefront, be sure to have signage to let customers know you have an online presence where they can connect with your business as well!

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