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How to Reimagine Your Vision for Your Business

As entrepreneurs or business owners, it’s frustrating when you lose sight of your ultimate goal. 

What was the purpose of your business? 

Why did you start it? 

What was your dream?

In these challenging times, especially with COVID-19, these questions are even more important. Sometimes, losing sight of your vision is an inevitable part of running a business. 

So how do you reimagine that vision? How do you change your thought process to get out of the processes you’re currently in?

Remember Your Why

Why do you do what you do? What inspired you? 

When the going gets tough, it’s so important to remember why you started your business in the first place. 

When you remember your why, it should emotionally connect with you. Your why is your driving force behind why you do what you do. 

So what is your why? Is it your family? Your wish to travel? 

Whatever drives you, reconnect with it. 

Your why will carry you through the hard times and help you come out, stronger and more determined than ever. Your “why” will consistently help you refresh your business’ vision and mission.

Has Your Why Changed?

The landscape has changed – politically, socially, economically – the world is in a pivot. 

So what drives your why now? If it is different – is it as emotionally charged as the original reason you started your business? 

Your why has to drive you. If your why has changed, you have to ask yourself – will this be the reason I strive to better my business every day? 

When you are an entrepreneur or business owner, it’s important to reconnect with yourself regularly. 

Reconnect with your vision. 

Reimagine your vision.

If it has changed – that’s more than okay, in fact, it’s amazing because it is likely that you have changed as a person. Whether you’re older, wiser, or have different priorities, your why is allowed to change as you do. 

Your why won’t be the same as when you’re 22 compared to when you’re 35. If you’ve lost your vision along the way, think about the why. Why did you lose it? How will you get your why back? 

What is important to you now? 

Think About How Far You’ve Come

Whether you took the tentative first steps this year in your solo vision, or you’ve landed some huge clients this quarter – congratulate yourself. Appreciate yourself. 

It’s totally understandable that as you achieve your goals, you reimagine your vision for your business. This is because your goals get bigger, there are new milestones, new targets, new achievements. 

How are you going to reach those? 

As you go after new targets, and new measures of success – is your business up to scratch? Is your branding at the level you want it to be? 

Think About Your Ultimate End Goal

– What do you want your life to look like?
– Who will be there?
– What will you be accomplishing?
– Who will you be able to help?
– What types of things do you see, daily?
– What types of opportunities do you have?

How are you going to action steps in your business to make this end goal a reality? 

What steps can you take to get one step closer to this goal? Is it through your branding? Your website? Your hiring process?

So sit down, put pen to paper, and write out a plan.

Start off with your why. Then go onto your achievements – no matter how big or small. Next write out your 1, 5, and 10-year business goals. Dream big. 

Write your vision statement as though these goals have already been achieved. 

This should motivate you more than anything. 

Now make a plan based on these goals and vision statements. It should be slightly scary – these are your ambitions! But it should empower and motivate you. 

With the world at a slower pace than normal, now is an amazing time to take a step back and reimagine your vision, improve your vision, and to begin to achieve your new-found business goals. 

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