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Plan of Action

It’s so important to set a plan of action for your business, whatever that looks like to you. In my mind a plan of action means to set goals so that you can plan for your successes that are about to happen. Setting goals for your business will change your business in such a positive way. I would strongly suggest that you make 3 to 5 goals a month for your business. I would keep them in your notes section of your phone. We carry our phones with us everywhere we go. So you need to be looking at your phone once a day seeing your goals, making steps to make these goals become reality. You’re plan of action will make your business grow based on the goals that you set each month.


plan of action

Underneath each goal that you make, you should be focusing on five tasks that have to be done in order for that one goal to be completed. The reason I say five is to give you enough breathing room to do one task at a time to achieve that one goal. You need to be able to measure your goal on how you are going to get there. So those tasks underneath your goal should be every step to get to that one goal.

At the end of the month you are going to look at your goal list, and you will be able to tell how you completed that goal based on the fact that you carried that goal with you all month focusing on it daily. When we start wrapping our head around our goals, we really decide to put our goals as one of our top priorities because when we achieve our goals more success is going to come.

This week I would like for you to create your 3 to 5 goals for the month, underneath them put the task that you were going to need to complete to achieve those goals. Let me give you an example of a goal that I have for this month. I want to hire a new groomer for my pet grooming business.

Hire a New Groomer

  1. Update incomplete job description
  2. Post job add on whatever site I choose
  3. Screen all resumes and applications
  4. Set up interviews
  5. Hire somebody

In a perfect world I will hire somebody.  That is the goal.

If no one comes across my path, I am not going to achieve that goal because I didn’t hire anybody. That is okay. But that was a goal that I had.

If I do hire a new groomer, I am going to go out and celebrate. Celebrate your SUCCESSES! ALWAYS! It means that you did everything you needed to do that month to achieve your goal.

Let’s start making an plan of action today! What will your goals be for this month? How will you obtain them? They can be simple or complex, the beauty is you get to decide that

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