LI Group

DIY Standard Operating Procedures

You’re ready to delegate, but your team needs detailed written instructions to help them be effective and independent.

This is a fill-in-the-blank template to create your own Standard Operating Procedures so that you can delegate effectively.


⭐  Business Foundations

⭐  Communications Procedures

⭐  Company Hierarchy

⭐  Scheduling and Availability

⭐  Company Property

⭐  Team Member Checklists

⭐  Marketing Processes

⭐  Social Media Guidelines

⭐  Client Onboarding 

⭐  Client Love

⭐  Human Resources

⭐  Responding to Emergencies

⭐  Creating the Schedule

⭐  Point of Sale

⭐  Accounting and Bookkeeping


Now, your business comes with an instruction manual! You’re welcome


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