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Quick Workouts For Busy People

No, I’m not a fitness expert but I am a business woman and squeezing in some workout time is not easy when you have several things on your plate. Sometimes it’s impossible to make time for it. But over the years I’ve come to realize that you don’t have to go to the gym or get on a treadmill to workout. You can do it while doing work.

Here are a few things you can try to still reach your fitness goals while simultaneously reaching your business goals.


1. Walk it out. If you have a meeting near your place or you’re going to run an errand around your neighborhood for your business, I suggest you just walk the distance. Not only will this give you a good leg and cardio workout, you’ll also be able to see your community better and see what’s happening.

2. Do HIIT workouts. These only last for 5 minutes. You can do it before you get ready for work or after you finish work. Do not underestimate the 5 minutes you’ll spend because it’s one of the most effective workout techniques out there.

3. Planks. While doing this you can read short emails, articles, reports, that are related to your business. You can also listen to podcasts where you can learn and benefit from and use it as a measure of how long you’ve been doing your plank.

4. Lift your things. Don’t be afraid to re-arrange your home office or organize your supplies. Push your tables as you need to, carry files to the other side of the room to organize them, etc.

5. Calf raises. You can do calf raises anywhere. While you’re in line to pay at the grocery store, while your talking to someone, and even while you’re cooking!

These aren’t full workouts but at least you’ll get to move and move closer to your fitness goals even if it’s just baby steps. What’s important is that you’re moving forward.

Let me know what you do to squeeze in your workouts despite your busy schedule, I’d love to know!

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