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Legendary Ideas Group

Quote Of The Week

When life gets blurry, adjust your focus.

I admit, there are times when things happen and I just lose sight of my goals. Sometimes I lose myself for a minute, I become so carefree that it stops my world and I just want to say to myself and to everyone else who can relate that it’s okay. Things like that happen. Forgive yourself. Know that you can still get back on track even if it seems impossible. Even if things seem different from before.

Sometimes we force ourselves to see things the way they used to be but what if things really aren’t the same anymore? What if things have really changed? When that happens, we need to adjust, see things differently, and find a way through it.

Always remember that we just have to find a way in and out of things and that if we really want it, we’ll find that way 🙂

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