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Start Your Day Right with Morning Meditation

You probably know me as a businesswoman with a brain for systems, and you’re not wrong! But did you know I’m also a certified yoga teacher??

Yoga gives me the foundation to truly center in myself, ground into my strengths, and create the life I was made for, and it all starts with mindfulness.

In fact, mindfulness can benefit everyone: especially business owners!

Here’s How:

My Meditation: Dog on Lap

Meditation doesn’t have to be so serious. You don’t need to buy fancy sitting pillows, keep perfect posture, or sit in a mirrored room. My meditations are informal, relaxed, and always involve a Chihuahua (or four) sitting on my lap!

The key is to find what feels comfortable to you, so that your mind can rest easy. Sit, stand, lie down—Walk if you need to! And make sure there is a buddy in your lap to help you focus on what matters.

Ten Minutes of Rest

Meditating for just ten minutes each morning has the effect of focusing and calming your mind, so that you can focus on what matters. If you are a seasoned meditator, these ten minutes FLY by. If you’re just starting out, it will feel like the slowest ten minutes of your life.

I recommend beginning in one-minute increments. Sit in stillness for one minute on the first day. As you become more comfortable, add one-more minute. Work your way up to ten-minutes of mindfulness meditation each morning before work.

Tame Your Mind

Many of my yoga students struggle with meditation because they can’t stop thinking! First of all, this is totally normal. The human brain is a busybody. Stillness doesn’t come right away for anyone, but it does come with continued practice.

Keep a journal next to you while you meditate. When you’re done, write down all the things you were thinking about. Sometimes your thoughts are nagging you because they are important: a calling, a vision, or something you need to process!

At the very least, getting your thoughts on paper teaches your mind that it’s okay to slow down. You’ll get back to thinking later!

Remember, doing it all is not the same as having it all! Abundance flows from a clear vision and a rested mind, body, and spirit. Incorporating this mindfulness practice has allowed me to get intentional about the way I do business. It has elevated my brand and empowered me as a person. I know it can do the same for you.

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