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Summer Temperatures

The summer heat is approaching us quickly. What does that mean for your furry little friend? It means that your routines may need to be altered some, because of the warm temperatures outside.

  • Do you normally walk mid morning? If so you will want to start a littler earlier now.
  • Do you walk right when you get home from your day job? You might want to wait till the sun goes down for the walk.

These are just some suggestions on how you can alter your routines. How about changing up your activity with your pup during the summer months?

It’s important to know the pavement gets hot throughout the day and just heats up and doesn’t cool down till the evening. This is a MUST know.

I must also point out, make sure you do not leave your fur kid in the car at all during the summer. It heats up in the car so fast. Want to know more about the temperatures in the car? Review this graphic of the temperatures that it can be in your car.

Keep cool!


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