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The Power of Giving


Everyday, people from all walks of life face a battle no one knows about. That is the reason why we should always be kind to everyone we meet. No matter how hard we think life can get, there is always someone out there who has bigger, heavier problems than we do. There are people out there who struggles to fight a battle tougher than yours everyday, that is why, we should always be kind, no matter what.


Which is why Puff & Fluff loves to give back in the community. Liz, the Owner of Puff & Fluff, she understands community and values it. From the very beginning of Puff & Fluff has had a giving heart. A giving heart for the community, pets, and people. Puff and Fluff has been able to donate over $15,000 in the past few years. Puff & Fluff has been able to do this because of the loyal support from our customers. We can give back because we have a loyal following from loyal customers.


One small action can make a big impact in the lives of other people, most specially if something is done with good intentions. An example is by giving back to the community where you live. You most probably may or may not be familiar with your neighborhood, but when you give back to your community, you have no idea who you are helping. Chances are, you might already be touching souls about to give up on life. Our forms of donating have been but not limited to gift certificates, complimentary services, free service events, sponsorships, gift basket donations, and volunteering.


Simple things similar to supporting local may already be a big aid to those natives who are in need not just of food, shelter or money, but also of appreciation of who they are in life. Showing support to small business owners is also a very simple, yet very meaningful way of giving back to the community.


No matter who you are, or what you do in life, always take advantage of opportunities to give It's important to give back to the community. The power of giving back lies not only on the fact that you boost and help establish a nation, but rather motivating networks of people to do the same. This is the month of Thankfulness! Puff and Fluff is thankful for loyal customers as we are able to give back to the community because of you. Liz believes that when you give back, more goodness comes back to you. This has been a giving model within the business.

Please keep shopping local!


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