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Tips To Handle Pre-holiday Chaos

We’re already halfway through October and Christmas and The New Year are coming and our to-do lists are getting longer and longer and longer when it should really be getting shorter since we want to relax and have that much needed time to be with our loved ones and savor the wonderful moments.


I’ve listed out things that we could all do to lessen the hassle and chaos as the holidays get closer. Ready? Let’s go!

1. Create a list

You probably have one already (if you’re a list person, like me) or maybe you just do things differently, whatever it is that you do to keep track of your tasks, do it as early as now and try to get them done if they can be done already.

2. Book a trip early

If you’re going somewhere on Christmas, it’s best to book now or earlier in the year if you can to avoid getting high prices and have a high chance on getting good deals

3. Start creating a holiday policy

If you’re in business like me, make sure you lay out your policies for holidays as to not get complaints and make everyone informed.

4. Buy gifts and store them

No matter how prepared you are odds are you’ll forget to wrap a present for a person or two. Having these gifts in store will help you when that moment happens!

5. Clean

Don’t stress out yourself and clean a few weeks before the holidays because that’s when things will get more hectic and you won’t have time to do it. Clean your place now little by little and take your time.

Go and try these and have some awesome ‘ber’ months before the holidays! 🙂

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