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Travel Tips by Liz

There is nothing like travelling. It lets you see so much of what our beautiful world has to offer. Lounging in relaxing beaches, having amazing nature sightings, getting to know different cultures, and trying out different cuisines are just some of the good things about it!

I’ve come up with a few tips that you can use for a stress-free and totally rejuvenating trip to you next destination.


Research – I can’t stress this enough. This is especially important when it’s your first time to travel or your first time to travel to that specific destination. I am all for exploration and taking risks but not doing your research can do more bad things than good. Just research about the place, what the culture is, how to get around, best place to stay, things to try, etc. Just know the important details.

Wake up on time – I’m sure you’ve put so much effort into planning your next trip so you wouldn’t want to miss your flight or your bus, would you? Get to the airport or station a few hours before your departure time. Waking up on time will also give you more time to double check your travel essentials.

Pack light – This might seem impossible for long trips since you will have to pack more but try and keep your packing to a minimum (think of the essentials!) Now this is different from under packing, make sure everything you need is with you but do not bring things that would be of no use to you while you’re there.

Plan ahead for emergencies – While you have a schedule to follow and you’ve made your itinerary already, do not forget that sometimes some things out of our control can happen. Flights get delayed or cancelled, there could be hotel booking mishaps, lost baggage, your travel buddy is late, specific places you wanted to visit are closed when you get there, etc. Make sure you’re ready for anything or at least you know what to do or you have someone to call when these things happen.

Get enough rest a day before your trip – Travelling, most of the time, requires a lot of going around places for some exploration. So if you’re tired when you get there, it would be harder for you to do that and you’ll get tired faster, you don’t want that! Rest and get the energy you need for an amazing time!

I have so much more tips for you but let’s stick with these for now. I will do a follow up soon! If you have good tips for travellers, I would love to know them and include them in the next episode of my travel tips.

Happy travels! 🙂

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