A solutions agency on a mission to improve your business processes & Brand Presence

Liz Illg began consulting business owners in 2019 after her peers continually asked her how she grew her brick-and-mortar storefront in Phoenix, Arizona, to multiple locations in a short amount of time. Liz attributes all her success in business growth to systems, effective delegation, and strategic growth planning.

She began replicating her business growth methods to help other companies thrive and founded Legendary Ideas Group in 2021. The LI Group specializes in creating growth-driven products for small businesses, like training manuals and websites.

With the products we create,

We’re able to provide relief to business owners like Liz, our CEO. We’re empowered to spearhead growth projects while business owners focus on their zones of genius.

We Infuse Our Core Values Into Every Project


We help business owners envision growth and success in their companies by providing fresh, unique, and innovative ideas and strategy.


We elevate businesses with websites and training manuals services.


We empower business owners to find excitement in their companies with new ideas and by providing them with solutions to their problems.


We create content, designs, digital goods, and branding assets that captivate audiences and build credibility for our clients.


We believe in communication. We make it our mission to listen carefully to the goals of our clients and make them feel heard through our accurate execution and enhanced delivery.

“Creating streamlined processes and supportive training for my team, combined with trusting them to make leading calls in my company, transformed my business.” ~Liz Illg, CEO of Legendary Ideas Group