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Find Small Business Success With These Easy Tips

Creating a small business can be overwhelming– trust me, I get it! But if you have a passion and a vision, you’re already on your way to success! Rather than get into the nitty gritty numbers and technicalities of running a small business (of which there are many!), I want to share with you the mindset and ideologies that go into creating and running a successful small business.


As a small business owner, what motivates me are my relationships, a strong work ethic, and an overwhelming passion for animal welfare. While having a passion for something doesn’t always mean making a career out of it, – hobbies are passions too! – it can definitely be the fire that burns in you to create something bigger than yourself. Something to share with others.


Creating a small business is no overnight venture. It’s a combination of hopes, dreams, successes, and failures. It will keep you up at night, permeate your dreams, and it will jolt you awake when the sun rises (or before that if you’re like me!). It will surely bring stress at times but, more than that, it will bring joy. So much joy! Not only to yourself, but to others! The community you choose to serve. Those are the people (or animals!) who matter most!


Creating a small business is about so much more than yourself. You won’t succeed as a selfish business owner. The key to creating a successful small business is knowing that you are creating it for the sake of others. Always remember that. Whether it’s a service or product to make people’s lives easier or happier, it’s for them. And that is what will continue to drive you!


Additionally, you cannot create a small business without appreciating the value of other small businesses. I quickly learned the value of shopping local, being local, and embracing the concept of local. I believe shopping local is so important and it’s changed not only my mindset but the way I operate my own business.


As you embark on the journey of creating your own small business, take time to seek out the businesses in your area that you can go to and shop local because they are so appreciative of your business. As someone who now owns four local pet grooming shops, I can speak from experience! Next time you have the chance to shop local, do it! You’re supporting someone’s dreams and you’ll want folks to do the same when you open your own small business.


I believe that my independence has driven me to have really great success so far in my life. At an early age, I learned that I’m my own narrative of my successes. I’ve always loved any opportunity to teach people and to be a part of something that was bigger than me. This is the mindset that has helped me to create my small business in the pet grooming industry. I’ve managed to take a very small local business and build it on awesome principles. I’ve always had a passion for learning and continuing to educate myself. Enrich your life with education and wanting to learn. I think that will only help you to succeed and achieve a lot of goals in your life. What you put out into the universe is what you’ll get back into your life.


In the beginning, creating your small business will take over your life in many ways. These days, I spend a ton of time not only at my five shops but with my five fur-children as well! You will find a balance. In fact, I love to write, hike, practice yoga, (and doga!), and take photos when I’m not working. Of course, my mind is always filled with ideas and ways to continue to improve my business for the sake of my clients.


Interested in learning more about what it takes to run a small business? I’d love to chat! Please reach out to me by clicking here and I’ll be in touch soon. Best of luck in your ventures!

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