The Three Benefits of a Blog For Your Business

Computere on a desk

The online world is becoming saturated and it’s important that businesses continue to make their mark as we head into 2022. Creating an online presence has become essential to business growth, and one of the key ways that you can do this as a business owner is by having a blog that you consistently update. […]

Four Content Marketing Analytic Tools That You Should Use For Your Small Business


It’s becoming increasingly obvious that small businesses need to understand the analytics behind their marketing strategies to achieve more in marketing. Content marketing analytics are your new business best friend if you’re wanting strategic insights on your current progress, an update on your strategies, and success for any campaigns you are pushing forward with.  There […]

Three Small Business Marketing Trends to Watch in 2022

Deloitte has recently released its Global Marketing Trends Report for 2022. Surveying over 11,500 consumers and more than 1,000 global executives, this report should be what small businesses look to when preparing their marketing initiatives for the coming year.  Based on this report, the LI Group can say one thing for sure: it’s time to […]

How to Delegate Tasks Successfully

Learning how and when to delegate tasks is hard. If you’re an entrepreneur, the chance is you started out this business solo! So, how do you begin to successfully delegate? How do you create tasks that are easily understandable, clear, and firm with deadlines and expectations? This blog by the LI Group will lay out […]

How to Work Fewer Hours and Enjoy Your Business More

Your business is important. It’s why you spend HOURS every week making it the best it can be! But, one of the perks of owning your own business is when you get to step back and let it thrive! So, how DO you work fewer hours but enjoy your business more? Well, this blog by […]

How to Rebrand Your Business: A Step by Step Guide

Rebrand Your Business

Rebranding is a normal part of any business. We grow, we expand our services, and we change our direction of what it is we want to do. Rebranding represents this change and growth that your business has gone through, which is a really exciting time for everyone involved! While internally, we might introduce these new […]

How to Launch a Webinar

We Launched Our First Webinar! Here’s What We Learned Toward the end of 2020, many of our clients started to ask us about webinars as a lead generation tool ahead of a product launch. Webinars can be excellent tools for business owners to expand their reach, gather new leads, and share value with their clients. […]

Best Online Course Platforms for Digital Entrepreneurs

Online Course Platforms

Today’s the day! You’re ready to create your first online course!  The ideas are flowing, and you just know it’s going to help so many people! You understand the importance of saving time and helping more people by creating passive revenue, but how do you know which platform is best for the goals you want […]

3 Reasons You Should Have a Passive Income Source in Your Business

Liz Illg talking passive income in 2021

If you’ve been hearing the term “passive income” around the internet and you’re still scratching your head about what that means for your business, not to worry. Maybe you’ve heard about what passive income is but you’re still wondering how you can benefit from it. Making money “in your sleep” (as some people like to […]

5 Passive Income Ideas for Digital Business Owners

Liz Illg Consulting Talking passive income 2021

So you have a booming business. Clients are inquiring about your services non-stop, you’re in demand and you’re thinking “how can I clone myself?” Right? Of course, having a team that can help you keep up with the demand is heavenly but what if I told you there was a way you can *kinda* clone […]