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How to Work Fewer Hours and Enjoy Your Business More

Your business is important. It’s why you spend HOURS every week making it the best it can be! But, one of the perks of owning your own business is when you get to step back and let it thrive! So, how DO you work fewer hours but enjoy your business more? Well, this blog by LI Group will explain just that!

Talk to Business Mentors

Mentors are often people you trust and look to for guidance! It can be so overwhelming to run your own business, especially in critical decisions and points of potential growth. You don’t need to wear all the hats, so ask someone you trust within your industry or circle!

Watch the Time You Spend on Tasks

How many hours a day are you spending on your business? How are you spending this time? You can work this out using apps like Toggl to monitor just how much time you’re spending on each task, so you can see if you can cut some hours back. If you’re like most business owners, you are spending way too much time checking email, and not enough time on things that move the needle in your business.

Identify What You LOVE and What You NEED To Do!

This is YOUR business, so where do you love to spend your time? You get the first choice! Similarly, where do you NEED to spend your time? What areas would suffer without your guidance and expertise? You don’t need to be everywhere, so spend time where it counts. 

Automate and Delegate

Automating your systems is single-handedly the most time-saving thing you can do for your business. By creating systems that work, you will be able to save time, money, and brainpower! Plus, if you have a task that you don’t need to do, you can start to delegate your tasks. Delegating to someone you trust means that your tasks will be in safe hands, and frees you up to take on extra projects. 

Your business deserves to thrive. But you shouldn’t burn yourself out in the process! By speaking to mentors, understanding where you spend your time, knowing what you need and love to do, and delegating the rest, you’ll free up your time without sacrificing your business. 

The team at LI Group would LOVE to help you create systems that work! Let’s chat and create systems that will make a true difference for your business and give you the freedom you deserve.

Author: Meg is a copywriter from England but currently lives in Sydney, Australia. She has been with LI Group for 1 year and loves to write for a variety of different accounts! In her spare time, she likes going for coastal walks where she contemplates life.

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