Business Ownership: How to Fall Back in Love With Your Business
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Business Ownership: How to Fall Back in Love With Your Business

As a business owner, it’s so easy to get caught up in what’s new, industry trends, and opportunities for your business and growth. There comes a point in your journey that you get so wrapped up in the next best thing that you forget why you started.

One of the big lessons business coaches will teach their clients is to never forget the “why.” In order to remember that “why,” you have to visualize yourself when you started your business and think about the reasons you went into your industry.

While it is important to continually keep your ears to the ground and keep your eyes peeled for new opportunities, don’t get too caught up that you fall out of love with your business.

When you fall out of love with your business it’s like you lose the passion that you once had. When you lose that passion, you risk losing your client. If you don’t love something, your client isn’t going to love it, and if you’re not fired up about what you are doing, nobody else will be.

When you get too caught up in the day-to-day operation of your business and you start to feel like you’re getting lost in the sauce, take a step back and make efforts to fall back in love with your business.

If you’ve read my other blogs, you’ll learn that I highly recommend delegating to a team that can help you manage the things that you don’t shine in or the things that don’t fulfill you. But aside from delegation, there are things that you can do to continually reignite your creativity and your passion for your business.

Business Ownership: How to Fall Back in Love With Your Business 2

Make a Rest Schedule and Plan for It

Don’t make this a maybe thing or a once in a while thing, but intentionally rest. Some ways that you can rest as a business owner are doing things that clear your mind. For me it’s yoga but for you, it may be exercising, or going on long walks or bike rides. Clear your head, it’s almost like recalibrating your mind.

Learn New Things and Find Inspiration in Them

Nobody is too successful to learn more. Whether it’s learning more about your industry, skills, or about your hobbies, keeping your mind engaged and exercising your creativity will help you be the best business owner you can be. It’s when you’re not feeding your mind new ideas that you become stagnant.

Another way that you can stay inspired is by connecting with people in your industry, learning what they do and how it impacts the work you do. If there’s an opportunity, collaborate, work together, or combine forces on a passion project together.

You’ll understand your industry better, who you’re in the industry with, and you might find that there is an opportunity for you to serve a new audience.

Find Business Owner Communities to Support Your Growth

Tap into new bubbles or communities to learn more about the world around you. This can be signing up for an event to hear different speakers, different backgrounds, and new ideas and tips for success.

It can also be listening to a business owner podcast that’ll help you better manage your time. You can also read a new book that’s going to teach you how to balance your work or how to be the best business owner you can be. Tap into related communities to find connections.

On Facebook or Clubhouse, you can find book clubs and networks related to the podcast or book you love to connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs.

If you didn’t know, I’m the Co-Founder of GrowthFocus. In March, we’re hosting a Personal Branding Bonanza. It’s a LIVE training that’s going to teach you how to show up on social media and attract more clients.

For you, this might be one of those creative outlets where you open your mind to new ideas while allowing you to gain knowledge. I can’t wait to see you at our event.

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