The Importance of Entrepreneurial Rest
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Real Talk: The Importance of Entrepreneurial Rest

As a multi-business owner, I can say from firsthand experience that entrepreneurial rest is crucial to the success of your business. Most people think that working all the time or being wrapped up in all things business is the key to success. A balanced lifestyle is going to improve your performance and your productivity while working in your business.

When you aren’t resting and you aren’t recharging after a day or week of work, or whenever you feel like you need a break, you’re probably running on empty. The only results you’ll get while running on E, are mediocre results.

When you take the time to close each day or each week intentionally and take time for rest, you will see an improvement in your work performance, your relationships with your team members, and your excitement in your everyday activities as a business owner. Here are the reasons you need entrepreneurial rest.

Without Entrepreneurial Rest, You Risk Getting Burnt Out

It’s so tempting to constantly be online to be the answer-giver, to be the decision-maker in your business, and to always be working in the daily operation of your business. But if you’re constantly going, your tank will run out. And if you don’t take time to refill your tank and recover, you risk giving a poor performance.

When you’re unproductive, unpleasant, or discouraging to your team members, you risk feeding that energy into your team and most importantly you risk it impacting your clients.

Blog The Importance of Entrepreneurial Rest

You Can’t Be a Visionary Without a Clear Mind

When your mind is constantly occupied with your never-ending work to-do list, you leave little time in your brain to think about new ideas. It’s challenging to find new ideas inspiring or motivating when you have a million things to get done in your business.

Whether it’s delegating to your team or time-blocking your schedule to allow for dedicated rest time, make time for downtime.

Rest will allow you space to think bigger, think about ways to be innovative in your industry, and be the visionary your business needs you to be.

The more you can rest, the more energy you’ll have to think about ways to improve and grow. Successful leaders aren’t people that think inside the box, so allow yourself time to explore your ideas and your business possibilities.

Entrepreneurial Rest is Necessary for Your Health

If you’re constantly spinning your wheels when you’re stressing about every decision you make or every day in your business, it’s time for rest. Allow your body to take a breather and step away from your desk because it isn’t healthy to live in stress.

Prioritizing rest allows you to be healthy. Don’t jeopardize your well-being by not listening to your body’s needs. Your team, customers, and your family need you to be healthy so don’t let stress swallow you whole!

Dolly Parton once said,

“Don’t get so busy making a living you forget to make a life.”

Prioritize time in your schedule to relax and recharge so that you can better serve your team and your clients. People don’t want to follow a leader that’s exhausted or burnt out, they want to follow a leader who comes to the workspace with energy and who motivates them.  Choose rest and balance your work life.

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