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How to Delegate Tasks Successfully

Learning how and when to delegate tasks is hard. If you’re an entrepreneur, the chance is you started out this business solo! So, how do you begin to successfully delegate? How do you create tasks that are easily understandable, clear, and firm with deadlines and expectations? This blog by the LI Group will lay out the key points of how to delegate tasks successfully!

Let’s start by breaking it down:

You need help! But, whenever you try to hire someone to help me they ask too many questions. It feels so much easier to just do it by yourself. The problem is the step between knowing you need help and actually delegating the tasks. This is where we come in!

Do a Braindump of The Tasks

What do you need done? When do you need it by? How should it be done? What key details are needed for this to be successful? Write down every aspect of the task possible so that you can clearly see what you need and expect of the person you’re delegating to!

Organize the Task Details

No one will be able to understand the inner workings of your brain dump, which is why it needs to be organized into clear details. You can lay it out step by step, or even use screen recording software like Loom to clearly show exactly what you need!

Provide an Example

Do you have an example of this task? If it’s a blog for a client, can you provide previous work? By providing examples to the person you are delegating to, they can clearly see what is expected of them, and there should be no confusion over the quality of work.

Include the Specifics

Do they need specific logins? When is this due? What will the end result be? What do YOU expect? Again, note it ALL down. This will help prevent questions from your team that interrupt your workflow!

Manage the Tasks

You don’t want to micromanage but you DO need a good job done. With software like Trello, Asana, or Monday, you can check on tasks and ensure that nothing slips through the cracks – without micromanaging!

Delegating can be a surprisingly hard task for many entrepreneurs! As you grow and scale, it is necessary to hire experts within your industry. With these experts comes delegation. It can be scary, but it IS necessary – you simply can’t do everything yourself!

Author: Meg is a copywriter from England but currently lives in Sydney, Australia. She has been with LI Group for 1 year and loves to write for a variety of different accounts! In her spare time, she likes going for coastal walks where she contemplates life.

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