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Ways to Improve Your Branding & Captivate Your Clients

What does your branding say about your business and about the quality of your work? Is it time for you to improve your branding? Your business branding can attract more clients or turn prospects away in seconds.

Branding can help you build credibility, create a sense of authority, build a community, and most importantly, connect you to your ideal client. In your “brand-kit” you’ll have your logo, colors, and fonts, however, color psychology and client motivations can help you strengthen your kit.

Here are some ways you can improve your branding.

Identify Your Branding Goals and Your Client Motivations

Think about how you want your ideal client or customer to feel when they interact with your business. Do you want them to feel energized? Inspired? Motivated? Educated? Identify your goal and it will improve your branding.

At (business name), I want my client to feel (motivation).

Take a look at popular brands like Nike or Adidas. The sports brands are much more than a logo or colors, they created a lifestyle. If you think about your brand in that way, how do you want your audience, your clients, your followers to feel, and are you hitting the target with your branding?

Identify Your Motivation, then Design Your Logo

Take my new logo for example. It was redesigned this year to create a sense of sophistication, elegance, modernism, and eliteness. It was created in this way because this is how I want my clients to feel when they work with me in consulting and with my marketing agency.

I didn’t do it by myself! I worked with my design team to really bring my vision to life. I started with motivation and THEN we made it visual, not the other way around.

Brand Your Business with Uniformity and Consistency

When you think about the goal of your branding and you think about your logo, you need to create a color palette and font pairings that elevate your motivation. When you’ve identified your brand colors, fonts, and elements, create uniformity and consistency.

You can use color psychology to incorporate the feelings that you want to entice in your audience. For example, purple, in color psychology, is a color that is described as “imaginative.” Another example is the color blue, which is described as reliable.

Think about what your colors are doing for your audience. Your branding needs to be consistent throughout every platform, website, and social media account. Your styling should be consistent to really shine online. If you’re missing the mark, it’s time to improve your branding.

Improve Your Branding by Creating Messaging that Re-Instills Your Goals

Think about the messaging that you’re using. Messaging is how you sound to your audience in social posts, blog posts, newsletters, and more. Is it the quality that your clients deserve? And is it in alignment with your branding goals?

If you want your audience to feel educated or inspired, is your messaging online helping you hit the mark every time? It should really capture your brand’s voice and reinforce your brand goals and client motivations every time.

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