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How & Why You Should Start a Vlog

No matter how busy you are!

Social media has changed the face of business and entrepreneurship.

As technology has progressed, as we are more connected globally than ever, the way business is done has also shifted. 

NOW instead of big brands and 100-year-old corporations, many consumers are interested in buying from and supporting smaller or independent brands they trust and who have a REAL message.

They want to support the PEOPLE.

Not long ago, I decided to add vlogging to my life. I know, I know…I’m crazy busy and I’m not sure my life is all THAT interesting…but it’s been so fun!

I decided I wanted to be even more creative and share more of my life and who I am with my audience. The feedback has been great and it’s been interesting to see how people respond to seeing more of my real life and not just the “message.”

Despite being busy, I knew I could document small moments of my day/week without adding too much to my already-full plate. Plus, hiring someone to edit and upload my vlog videos is key! This frees up my time to focus on my clients and still share vlogs.

If you have the time and skills to edit and upload your own vlogs, then you are a step ahead!

A vlog is simply a “video blog,” so if it’s something you would write about, it’s something you can speak about and record, and it also often has an element of feeling like you’re sharing part of your day or life with your audience.

How to Start a Vlog

It can feel overwhelming or intimidating to start a vlog. After all, you’re already busy and don’t consider yourself a “vlogger.”

Here’s what I did: I decided to share videos of what I already do and love to talk about! Then it’s not just another thing to do, it’s part of what I was already doing. I’m just living my life AND filming parts of it.

You don’t need fancy, expensive equipment. You can start vlogging with your cell phone camera. I highly recommend investing in an inexpensive ring light and a small tripod, only because those items make the filming process easier. Your cell phone already has a nice camera, so you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on expensive camera gear. You will also need to either purchase a license to use editing software OR use the built-in software on many computers, such as iMovie on macs.

Decide on a topic you want to share. If you’re feeling nervous, write a few bullet points of information you want to discuss on a card and have it in front of you.

Press record! Don’t worry about being perfect, vlogging is a chance to have fun with your content and not take yourself too seriously.

You can create a free YouTube account and post your vlogs there, or put them on your website and social media platforms. 

Why Should YOU Start a Vlog!

Vlogging is more than a creative outlet or another way to share your content.

Check out 5 great facts about vlogging and video content:

  • Did you know 85% of people in the U.S. consume videos online? YouTube has become a main source of content for many users under 35.
  • In fact, YouTube has over 2 billion users, more than 60 hours of content is uploaded every minute, and is the world’s second-largest search engine – people are actively looking for and watching content every day.
  • Visual and video content drives engagement and attracts new people to your content. Within one month of Facebook introducing timelines for brands, visual content engagement was up 65%.
  • Vlogging lets you make a more personal connection with your followers. Do you remember “Know | Like | Trust”? For people to trust you, they want to know who you are and like you as a person separate from your brand name.
  • Posts with videos attract THREE times more clicks than regular text posts. 

Check out some of my videos here and sign up for my mailing list with useful information for your business here. 

Go forth and vlog!

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