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Must-Have Favorites That Totally Spark Joy!

My favorite things!

Wow, Spring is nearly over, and summer is RIGHT around the corner! This year is flying. 

With the year almost halfway through, it got me thinking about my favorite things. Whether they be work-related, hobby-related, or simply for RELAXING, this list is a list of the top things I simply cannot live without. I love them!

I figured some of the things I love could be your new favorite things too. 

For My Garden

If you’ve read my previous blog this month, you’ll know I simply LOVE my garden! It’s one of my favorite hobbies, and I just enjoy relaxing in the garden and growing fresh produce. 

So obviously, for this list I HAD to include some gardening items!

  • Here are some gorgeous slab labels for your potted plants, shrubs, herbs, or vegetable produce! I just think they are so cute and really add an element of sophistication to my garden!
  • I love to create green spaces. Whether this be by my outhouse in the garden, or with my herbs near the kitchen – my house is full of greenery! A great way to add some green within your home is through potted plants. A super cute plant pot is listed here, and I just love it! It’s mid-century modern, and will suit so many areas of your home. 
  • I am so fortunate at this time of my life to have the home of my dreams. This includes a big garden, which is perfect for growing my own fresh produce every day. One way that I keep on top of my gardening is by investing in solid tools that will help me be efficient with my time. This hose is so powerful and both long and super durable! Perfect for those harsh winter months out in the yard!

liz illg gardening

To Keep Healthy

Health is a priority for me – whether I take a long morning walk with my dogs, or spend a portion of my afternoon running on Peloton, I like to dedicate some time every day to keeping fit and being active.

Here are some of the top picks that I use every day to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle!

  • These acupressure mat and pillow set is GREAT for those with any kind of back or neck pain! I use this all the time to help with any discomfort I might get from sitting at my desk during the day. Some of its key benefits include stress relief, pain reduction, full support for your neck and back, and increased energy and circulation!
  • Another firm favorite for my general health and wellbeing is the Lotuscrafts Meditation Cushion. Meditation is a great way to switch off and recentre, especially after a long, hard workday. I meditate using the Meditation Cushion! It’s PERFECT for supporting a deep and comfortable meditation. Relax, and enjoy. 

For Around The Home

I have a secret to tell you!

I am HOUSE PROUD. I love nothing more than taking good care of my home and making sure it is clean and tidy. With that being said, I love to INVEST in my home, and the products within it. 

So these next few items you’ll find in my kitchen! They are super useful.

  • A good deep clean once a week is a great way to restart, refresh, and start again. I use these brushes to help me get through all the nitty-gritty elements. No stain is too big, and no mess too much with these! They come in two different sizes, so all spaces and stains can be cleaned. 
  • Okay, be HONEST – who here doesn’t quite drink enough water during the day? When our days are super busy, it is so easy to often forget to drink water. For me, I find that having water in a pitcher by me at my desk is the PERFECT way to keep my water intake up. This gorgeous pitcher is the perfect size and style for my home!
  • Let’s talk about cooking! And spices! Such an IMPORTANT element of every meal. This stunning Stainless Steel Mortar and Pestle will be such a wonderful addition to your home! I think it fits in so well in my kitchen, and it is so easy to clean and manage! 

Well here is a little snippet into my life outside of work! 

I LOVE what I do, but these things help me enjoy my hobbies, home, and life so much outside of my work day!

What are your favorite things? Comment below with some of your everyday essentials!

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