Signs Your Processes Need Streamlined


Processes are taken very seriously at LI Group. We update them every quarter and share them with our team to ensure that everyone is on the same page. We’ve helped our clients go from overwhelmed to streamlined over the years. And now we’d like to share some signs that it may be time for you […]

What Can Digital Marketing Agencies Do for Your Business?

Digital Marketing Agencies

Digital marketing is a broad term that includes all the different ways in which you can use digital technology to promote your business. Compared to traditional marketing, a digital marketing agency helps businesses connect with their customers through the internet. The most common types of digital marketing are search engine optimization, social media advertising, and […]

How a Business Strategy Can Help You Achieve More in 2022

A business development strategy is crucial both to your short-term and long-term goals. It’s important as your business grows in 2022 to keep these plans up to date and continually review and update them each quarter. This is because you’ll need to continually assess, develop, and strategize according to your actual growth as opposed to […]

Strategist vs Consultant: The Ultimate Duo!

Every entrepreneur knows that there is a time in their business life when they need to consult an expert. But, the question is, what kind of expert? Take our team, for example. Liz is a business consultant. Emily is a strategist. Together, they are an amazing team – but their roles are very different, and […]

My Business Isn’t Showing Up on Google? SEO Tips from LI Group

Showing up online is hard. This is especially true for a small business! While huge companies and corporations can afford millions in advertising and digital marketing to get their brands out there, small businesses simply don’t have that money to spare. However, there are some SEO tips and tricks that can push your website up […]

Creating Community on Facebook

A great Facebook group is a place where a diverse group of people can support each other, learn from each other, engage with each other and a company, get questions answered, learn, and share content. Facebook groups are a fantastic place to start when building a community of people and creating a fanbase or audience […]

Building a Relationship With Customers

Whether or not you consider yourself a “salesperson,” all businesses need to sell to make money!  You may be selling a physical product or it could be a less tangible service. No matter what you sell, customers are at the heart of every successful business. There are many different sales tactics, including highlighting risks of […]

How Mindset Affects Entrepreneurship

Are you sabotaging your business without even realizing it? We all want success. I mean, we started a business so we could be our own boss, make money, and be successful.  Did you know that it is incredibly common for entrepreneurs to self-sabotage – without even realizing it? Mindset is extremely important to the ultimate […]

Ready to Implement Your Big Ideas?

You have tons of ideas…what now? Most people think that all it takes to start a successful business is having that one million-dollar idea. Or having tons of great ideas.  The reality is that ideas and business success are not the same. If you have a business or want to start one, of course, you […]

Loving My Inner Child As An Adult

inner child liz illg

Honoring your inner child and becoming successful. It’s officially summer! Summer is one of my favorite times of the year. It brings back fond memories of my childhood in Fort Dodge, Iowa. Summer meant hanging out at my friend’s houses in the neighborhood, playing flashlight tag in the evenings, and running like wild beasts in […]