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How to Use Employee Feedback Surveys to Spring Clean Your Company Culture and Stay Sane!

Spring is here, and we have a brand new chance to look at our New Year’s resolutions and revamp them into business goals for quarter two!

You heard me right; it’s time to pick up your favorite caffeinated beverage, pull out your journal, and start envisioning BIG outcomes for your business. 

Of course, any goal-storming session would be remiss without taking a look at your company culture, and there is one AMAZING tool that can help you with that more than anything else: 

Employee Feedback Surveys. 

If that put a pit in your stomach, I completely understand.

When done right, employee surveys are a resource for tapping into and nurturing your company culture. 

When done wrong, employee feedback surveys can leave us feeling discouraged and, frankly, a bit powerless.

Here are my BEST TIPS for conducting employee feedback surveys that are actually helpful and inspire positive action for the growth of your business.

Choose your questions carefully!

The right questions set employees up to respond thoughtfully and provide useful information.

The wrong questions can result in a lot of useless, negative feedback that you aren’t sure what to do with.

I have a FREE template you can use, available this month only. Click here to download it and survey your team!

Get your timing right! 

Twice per year is a nice sweet spot for most brands.

I send out employee feedback surveys twice per year, in the second and fourth quarters, and I get a pretty healthy response rate. 

Look at the trends.

Whatever you do, don’t get caught up on one-off negative responses! And be careful not to let a few glowing responses cloud your judgment, either. 

Instead, look for trends. What are most people in your company feeling?

Take action!

Once you have a clear picture of your current company culture, you’ll be able to take strategic action to make your business a better place to work! 

As you plan for quarter two improvements, remember how important your company culture is. The happiness of your team is central to your productivity, client experience, and future as a brand. 

Make the most of this powerful asset by strategically using employee feedback surveys to totally transform your company culture this spring season. 

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