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You’ll hear many times I discuss how life just gets so crazy sometimes. And it does, right? It gets crazy!

We get so consumed into our careers, our family, the chaos, the congestion on the freeway, whatever it might be, life is crazy! Sometimes we forget to slow down, to take a deep breath, and relax. I find it very important to have… ME TIIIIIME!

Time for me.

We have to slow down or else we get too consumed in our lives.

We have to slow down and create time to do the things that we wanna do.

That can mean many things. This could be working out (for me that’s me time.) That means I gotta turn my phone off for an hour (that feels amazing btw, but then my apple watch still goes off sometimes but I’ll still ignore it) because this is the time that I need to unwind and relax. Yes, working out isn’t really relaxing but it is for me. It helps me unwind from the stresses of the day.


So today we have to talk about how we can implement me time in our lives. A lot of this might have to be a sense of delegating. Delegating tasks, even one task a week to give yourself an hour or maybe a little bit more or maybe even a little less. But time for you to focus in on who you are and bounce back to some calmness. We have to feel rejuvenated after stressful times. Life is crazy, life stresses us out. People stress us out. So we have to find a time when we can totally turn off, unwind, and create me time.

I want you to write down 3 things that you love to do in your spare time. Maybe it’s reading, exercising, cooking, driving, listening to a podcast (*hint! hint! HINT!*)

Jot things that you like to do and commit that you’re going to do that one thing this week. Even if it’s just for an hour because maybe you can only spare an hour of your day. That’s okay. Or just an hour the whole week because you have a family to take care of. I understand it, I get it.

I firmly believe in me time. Our bodies and our minds have to unwind. They have to unwind from our crazy life. Maybe it’s unwinding with this significant other (that’s totally fine too.) We each have our own ideas of what it means for me time.

But for me, me time is me, let’s just be honest, me. me. me. And maybe one of my little fur kids. But other than that, it is me time. Time that’s on my terms and my decision making. It’s powerful to be able to say that I have and prioritize me time. So we have to get you there, to get you to a point where you value me time and that might even be having to change your schedule around this. It might mean delegating, or staying up one more hour or waking up one hour early. Whatever that is, find it, do it, and focus on it.

I firmly believe that you’re gonna fall in love with me time because I do, I personally do. And sometimes me time is a nap. Sometimes I have to literally just fall asleep to unwind. Unwind from people and what’s going on outside of my house. Not have the TV on, shut down the computer, shut down the phone, and literally let my mind and heart relax and be still and calm. This is hard when we’re so stressed and life is busy, but it’s important. It’s healthy to unwind and focus on yourself.

So how are you gonna do this? How are you gonna make this happen for your life? What’s the one thing that you’ve been dying to do? Maybe it’s you haven’t read a book in a while. Read that book. Wake up a little earlier than your family does or stay up a little bit later than your family does.

Do something that you wanna do. You’re powerful, you’re worth it, you need it. Your soul, heart, and mind need it. They need a break from life.

Life is crazy. People aren’t always nice. Situations aren’t always good. We have to make the best of those things and relax and unwind and have me time!

I would love for you to tell me what you love to do. Write it on my Facebook Page. Just say, “Hey Liz! I just listened to your podcast about me time! This is what I love to do… Tell me. I love to know what people’s hobbies are. Our hobbies matter in our life, they’re valuable, they create a lot of good in us. And I believe that your significant other or if you live with somebody, or whatever your situation maybe, they’re gonna want you to have this time. Because it allows you to be still, to clear your mind, brain, and focus on you.

We all have to focus on ourselves at some point. And I want you to dedicate at least an hour or a day but I understand if it can’t happen but at least do one hour in one week to unwind, shut off whatever you’re doing, be still, and do something you love to do.

Focus on that this week.

It’ll be fun. It’ll be worth it. I think you’ll be very surprised on how you feel.

Enjoy your me time this week! 🙂

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