How to Write Systems that SAVE YOU TIME!

As entrepreneurs, we know how tricky it is to manage time.  And sometimes, we ask – can we possibly have more time to finish everything? No one says it’s easy.  But, it’s definitely possible, especially if you have an effective business system. A system can help your business run smoothly and maximize results, with minimum […]

How To Save Up

We are on to the last few weeks of 2015 and I find myself looking back on how much I’ve saved up and how I want to save some more next year. Stopping yourself from buying that amazing pair of shoes or that nice bag is hard but if you want to save for something […]

How will you spend your business money?

I’m sure you have read my “about me” section, here, already so you are wondering why I am going to blog about not spending money. Since I am already in the hole for purchasing my business with a loan, right? But I had no other choice, therefore, I couldn’t spend money at the beginning. Because […]