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Legendary Ideas Group

Giving Back To The Community

The community played and still plays a big part in my success as a local business owner. Not only does it give you the support that you need, it also gives you the way to bring awareness to your business or whatever it is that you have to offer.

It is the place where each baby business grows and blooms in so it is also important that we, as business owners, do something to make the community grow and bloom as well.



I and my team do our best to give back to the community that has given so much to us. We buy local products and attend local activities to show our support. Puff & Fluff also collaborates and promotes other businesses. By doing this we help bring customers the best service there is and give other local businesses a little boost.

Sponsoring and hosting an event is also something that P&F does a lot of, this is where most collaborations happen, and it does magic in bringing in people and bringing awareness to other businesses.

We believe that giving back to the community does more than just boost it. It also promotes healthy competitions and cross-networking activities that will surely bring positive results to each and every business and it’s supporters in the community.

We hope that you too will find a way to give back to your community, there are a lot of ways too so don’t be afraid to take action. If you have done something lately, we would love to know about it! 🙂

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