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Do Your Operational & Training Manuals Need an Update? Start with These 4 Steps!

Like most businesses, you have operational and training manuals that need an update. 

So much has changed over the past two years, and you need to adjust the information so it is relevant and up-to-date when it gets into the hands of new hires. 

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when faced with running your business and ensuring that every item is accurate and describes the most streamlined ways for your team members to complete daily tasks. Our best advice is to take one small step at a time.

updating your manuals

Take a look at your table of contents.

It may sound silly, but glancing at your manual’s table of contents can make your high-priority updates clear. It’s easy to forget about adding information to your manuals when your team learns new platforms. Have you moved from email communications to a platform that allows quick text messages? Are you using Google Sites, or did you move over to Trainual?

Reevaluate your mission & vision.

Your company’s mission and vision can shift and grow in a different direction. Read them out loud and see what you think. What is different? What is still the same? Do you want to make significant changes or minor tweaks?

Communicate and collaborate with your team if you feel stuck. It’s always a good idea to gather feedback and have honest conversations about what’s working and the direction you’re heading as you look to the future.

updating your manuals

Find ways to make it user-friendly and fun.

Think about the way you like to learn. Do you like steps written out with screenshots? Would you rather read the steps? Is it easier to remember when you have an explainer video? 

Embedding how-to videos is a great way to help those hands-on learners understand how to complete a specific task. It provides a little comic relief, and employees have something that makes them smile, roll their eyes, or a little of both as they go through all the essential information. We have a lot of fun adding GIFs that go with the Trainual content for our clients.

Divide and conquer.

You know we love delegation at Li Group! The experts call the shots, and updates are much more efficient. And because our team members choose to work within their zones of genius, it makes sense to have everyone look at the sections that pertain to their job descriptions and offer input. 

If you have one technical writer making all the updates, create a deadline for all departments to review their content and offer suggestions and edits. Use a shared spreadsheet for everyone to add notes on outdated content and any broken links.

updating your manuals

Ask Li Group for support!

If it feels overwhelming just thinking about the steps above, feel free to contact us.

Click here to schedule a call, and we can help get your team’s operational and training manuals updated and ready to go!

About: Tracy is a ghostwriter and international bestselling author in the US.  She loves helping companies share their stories in writing. Tracy has been with Li Group since the fall of 2021.

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