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My Business Isn’t Showing Up on Google? SEO Tips from LI Group

Showing up online is hard. This is especially true for a small business! While huge companies and corporations can afford millions in advertising and digital marketing to get their brands out there, small businesses simply don’t have that money to spare. However, there are some SEO tips and tricks that can push your website up the ladder on search engines, like Google! This blog from the LI Group will help you start to show up on Google and understand the fundamental basics of SEO.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is how websites show up on Google! It’s the process of optimizing your website so that search engines can find it and index it high on their platform.

Keyword Research

What are the keywords to your industry? Utilize them! Whether you’re in beauty, tech, design, or petcare – your industry will have keywords that you can use and help optimize your site with. Figure out what people are searching for when looking for businesses that do what your business does. Then, fill your website with the right amount of keywords so that you can start to show up, too!


Having good website copy is crucial – not just for landing your ideal client, but to actually show up on the internet too! Your pages should be informative and easy to digest – there is no point in having a copy that doesn’t reflect your business well. You want your customers to spend time on your site (because Google tracks this, too!)


You’ll notice that this blog has external links. For example, right now, I’m linking to two leading SEO tools and advice: Moz and SEM Rush! (Tools like these are all over the internet and they offer GREAT tips!) Linkbuilding is crucial to building your website. You need both internal and external links. Think of it like this – the more links you put out into the web, the bigger your site becomes. The bigger your site becomes, the more Google takes notice of it!

Usability and UX

Let the days of clunky, hard to use, and hard to read websites be gone! Google hates these, and so do website users – so invest in a high-quality, fully-functioning website. Google will love you for it!

Local SEO

Are you solely trying to win local business? Put out blogs that reflect this and use those keywords in your posts! Also, add links that go to local businesses, too. That way it’ll show up in your community and be easier to find. 

SEO no longer has to be for the fully qualified digital marketers of the world. If you don’t have the money to invest in a professional, you still deserve to show up on search engines! These tips are so powerful, and they will be great for your business. 

Author: Meg is a copywriter from England but currently lives in Sydney, Australia. She has been with LI Group for 1 year and loves to write for a variety of different accounts! In her spare time, she likes going for coastal walks where she contemplates life.

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