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4 Signs It’s Time to Hire a VA, You Can Do it All but Why Would You?

Let me see if I am in your brain. You work day to day feeling like you are working IN your business rather than ON your business. You may also have the feeling that you are a bit underwater and that you could be getting a lot more high-level things done if your mind didn’t have to juggle such a plethora of tasks. Am I right? Have you given it any thought to hire a VA? (Virtual Assistant)

Although we always LOVE and support a boss babe calling all her shots day to day, in reality, the one woman CEO show can only go on for so long.

This month, in October, we are opening the conversation around leveling up your career and taking your business to the next level. I mean, who doesn’t want to see their baby (their business) soar to new, even unforeseen heights? And why not use this month to get one step further in doing so?

You may think that if you had just one extra set of hands & eyes on your work, you may be able to give the majority of your time to what really matters.

The good news is, reaching the next level in your business is very doable. The scary news is, there is a good chance it will require you to take a leap, give up some control, & invest in some administrative help and you may want to hire a VA.

The first step I advise you to take before taking the leap is to observe your day to day schedule and thoroughly consider the areas where you believe you need assistance.

Then, you can evaluate just how valuable working with the assistant could be for the growth of your business and frankly, the sanity of your mind.

Here are four key signs that it is time for you to hire a VA:

You are working very late nights from having to manage miscellaneous administrative duties in the day.

At one point it’s 5 pm and then it’s 7 pm, 8 pm, 9 pm,… and you’re still working. If you are involved in the strategy & high-level work of your business all day, kudos to you! You are doing incredible. It is likely though, that you are caught up in emails & meetings & Instagram & what have you all day to lead to this 9 pm work life. This is a definite sign there is room to hire a VA.

Your email inbox is FLOODING. You know the situation.

Inbox 0 is a real thing and wow, is it a glorious thing. By being able to delegate your email management, you can spend time on the work that truly matters for the growth of your business.

You find yourself spending way too much time working on your social media for your business.

One of the saddest truths about social media is that it is a HUGE time sucker. Although it is important to continually market your business, doing so can be extremely distracting and energy-sucking. If this sounds like something you struggle with, it may be time to hire a VA that specializes in social media management (scheduling, posting, community management, etc).

You keep putting off that next project because you feel like you don’t have enough time.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have the liberty to create that new course or that new series of content without feeling overwhelmed with the administrative tasks you would be leaving behind? If you hire a VA, it will give you back that TIME to EXECUTE on what will help you grow.

If any of these signs are relatable to your business work life, I hope you take one step further in your consideration of hiring a VA. It is time to embrace the concept of delegation so that you can free up your valuable time!

Hopefully this helps you get a bit more clear on whether or not you should hire a virtual assistant. The sky’s the limit for your business and I am confident that a VA can help you reach the sky and beyond!

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